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Point of lay chickens

Gold Line

A auburn feathered bird, which has a very placid temperament, ideal for your garden or small holding as she will lay large brown eggs with upto 300 egg production each year. A very hardy bird, all year 

£15.00 Available 

Rhode Rock

Beautifully mottled greens and purples in the black body with a rhode island red neck and head. Combined parentage of Plymouth rock and Rhode Island Red make this bird again hardy all year round with an egg production of 250 – 300 eggs per year. Again a perfect selection for your garden or small holding

£15.00 Please call for availability

Rhode Rock
Amber Star

My particular favourite bird, a cute looking bird with a subtle peachy appearance, the variations of colouring on these birds can give a freckled appearance to their wings. A very calm natured bird which swiftly makes friends with your family. From 250 – 300 eggs produced each

£15.00 Unavailable

Amber Star
Light Sussex

A heavy bird with mainly white feathers and a black necklace and tail. She is very attractive when her comb
is fully grown as it stands out against the white of her body. She is capable of 250 – 280 eggs per year production with a brown shell. In Victorian times she was a dual purpose bird for table and egg production
as she has a larger structure.


£15.00   Please call for availability


Light Sussex
Silver Sussex

The photographic negative of the light sussex, with a black body and white necklace and tail feather. Again
of the same structure as the light sussex, however in sunlight has a mottled green and purple sheen to her body. Again the comb when fully matured can make this bird look beautiful Her parentage is a cross
between a Plymouth Rock and Light sussex. Variations of the white can make this bird an outstanding sight Egg Production of 250 – 280 eggs per year with a brown 

£15.00 Please call for availability


Silver Sussex
Blue Haze

A powdered grey body, with a slightly darker grey head make this bird our most popular seller. A heavy
breed bird with a really good nature, in some colouring there are flashes of Rhode red feathers near her
neck. Egg production of between 250 – 280 with a brown shell.


£15.00   Please call for availability

Blue Haze
White Leghorn

A slighter build of bird which is pure white with a pure white gill. This bird is unusual as she lays pure white eggs and was very popular as an egg laying bird in the early 70's. This beautiful bird never seems to stop laying with an egg production of 300 + eggs per year

£15.00  Please call for availability

White Leghorn

All our birds benefit from a free range lifestyle which will translate into the taste of the eggs they produce.

We now ensure that our girls come to you fully vaccinated, blood tested and ready to roll, with potential of your first eggs appearing in 2 to 3 weeks after purchase.

You are welcome to choose your ladies, and we will talk you through what to do to ensure you have healthy, happy hens.

We also offer you full details of the best care, and we also have an on site pet supplier that can supply you with food, feeders, drinkers and houses. All in all, we are a one stop shop dedicated in ensuring the best for your happy laying girls.

Thank you for finding out about us, if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us on

We are sorry we can only accept cash or cheques as payment.

We are happy to sell just one hen but the price is £16.00 each

Frost Free Range Hens

The White House,

New Shardelowes Farm,

Balsham Road, Fulbourn

CB21 5 DA

Telephone : 01223 882291 or 07775 853888

All of our birds are reared to freedom food standards.

Thank you for your consideration. Your custom is always appreciated.

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